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What is Enflux?

Enflux Business AI (BAI) uses advanced data science to help companies spot future trends and predict consumer behavior, as well as truly understand who and what influences business performance.

Enflux Academic Intelligence (EAI) is the key to accreditation success, using revolutionary assessment tools focused on program assessment, accreditation compliance and actionable data science insights to continuously improve program quality for academic institutions.

How does Enflux work?

Enflux ingests millions of data points in real time from global social media platforms and triangulates with more than 18,000 key data sources to build a detailed model of online activity to measure what (and who) is influencing potential customers in real-time—from people, to places, to weather, currency fluctuations, and much more.

What is Influence Mining?

Enflux is unique in the market in its ability to apply proprietary data-mining techniques to the roots of online influence. Enflux ingests historical data to build our predictive modeling infrastructure, consistently testing and improving models with real-time streaming data to definitively identify, qualify, and predict the trends, people, places, and media that are influencing consumers today and what will motivate them in the months ahead.

Who uses Enflux?

Enflux clients come from a wide range of industries, from consumer goods and retail to academics, construction, tourism, fashion, and luxury. Enflux data analysis can be applied to any industry, such as politics, HR, entertainment, and healthcare.

What will Enflux do for my business?

Forward-facing Enflux intelligence helps clients to ensure marketing campaigns and messaging are on-trend, on-time, and on-target, simplifying the decision- making process with regard to strategy and budgeting, predicting outcomes, and minimizing or avoiding unfocused or wasteful spending.

How does Enflux help me save money?

By looking at historical data across a company’s competitive landscape and its prior campaigns in key markets, then applying this performance to real-time streaming data, Enflux is able to “predict” whether future campaigns will have the intended impact and return on investment. For campaigns that are projected to have poor ROI, Enflux identifies effective strategies for intended markets that will achieve the required goals—then provides this information for clients to put in action.

How do I receive Enflux data?

Enflux clients receive custom, confidential regular updates, as well as quarterly reporting, recommendations, and insights. Clients also receive campaign- or goal- specific “deep dive” reports upon request.

What does Enflux cost?

Enflux is a data-as-a-service (DAAS) company. Membership costs range based on depth and frequency of reporting, geographical area of focus (global vs. individual country), data acquisition requirements, and company size and scope.

What data does Enflux collect?

Enflux gathers data from major global social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, along with regional platforms like China’s Weibo and WeChat and thousands of external data sources. Enflux also ingests, analyzes, and triangulates sentiment, weather, census/demographic, and other real-time statistical data to paint a significantly deeper picture of consumer behavior than other tools on the market.

What is an example of Enflux layered metrics?

Enflux is able to track the performance of multiple brand campaigns over time, gathering data such as campaign buzz and decay rate, consumer sentiment, geography, demographics/psychographics, competitive landscape, and influence level. Enflux then combines this information with factors such as weather and travel trends to assist in the development of predictive models, thereby advising clients on the best time and format/structure for upcoming campaigns to achieve intended ROI, impact, and reach.

What makes Enflux innovative in a crowded “big data” industry?

Our focus on bespoke algorithms, and predictive mining, monitoring, and modeling sets us apart. Enflux applies the latest in data science in ways never before used in marketing, rather than relying on static databases or limited definitions of online influence. By layering and weighing numerous metrics simultaneously and improving our future modeling in real-time, Enflux gives clients access not only to “big” data, but smart data they can actually use.

What sets Enflux apart from “Social Listening” tools?

Social listening tools are largely passive, looking back at previous months using surface-level keywording and sentiment analysis. This is a good way to see how a brand has performed in the past, but fails to predict how well it will do in the future—or how its competitors may be quietly outmaneuvering them.

What sets Enflux apart from “Influencer Management Platforms”?

Influencer management platforms typically rely on static databases, serve as gatekeepers between companies and online personalities, and rely on definitions of influence that are either opaque or surface-level—“vanity metrics” like fan counts and average engagement. The platforms themselves often do little to show the specific areas in which an individual actually has influence over his or her audience, focusing instead on broad “reach.” The platforms themselves rarely apply innovative deep data analytics, machine learning, or predictive modeling for the simple reason that it is difficult to do so.

Does Enflux work in accordance with all social platform terms & conditions and privacy regulations?

The information Enflux ingests and analyzes is supplied by social media providers in full accordance with all privacy policies and terms of use, and any data collected is information made public by the customer.

Does Enflux hold any patents?

Enflux has multiple patents pending.

Who is behind Enflux?

The Enflux leadership team has decades of combined experience in fields as diverse as data science, luxury retail and marketing, consulting, healthcare, mobile applications, data security, and more. Based in London, UK and San Antonio, Texas, Enflux has additional offices in Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, and Berlin, Germany, driving a global footprint and capabilities.

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