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Our Story

Enflux is a technology company that uses a patented data science toolkit to deliver forward-facing, industry-focused solutions to educators and marketers around the world.

Enflux helps leaders see what matters by equipping them to make important decisions for their organization, and more confidently take actions that are quicker and more effective than today, using proprietary data analysis.

Enflux services are currently used by some of the world’s most prestigious companies to discover and predict marketing opportunities and crucial trends. Enflux is also used by top universities to continuously improve the quality of their academic programs and easily comply with accreditation standards.

Founded in 2015 by Avery Booker and Cameron Powell, Enflux was built on the diverse backgrounds of its two founders.

Powell, a serial entrepreneur and former physician who has been involved with the building of numerous technology firms—among them AirStrip, WellAware, and Splice (acquired in 2016 by GoPro)—brought deep experience in assembling talented development teams capable of driving rapid growth and product-client fit.

Booker, with a background in global luxury marketing and consulting, brought an understanding of the challenges faced by companies looking to expand worldwide and influence consumer behavior.

Beta launched in spring 2015, the early version of Enflux—shaped by insights from leading luxury and consumer brand testers—was designed to allow companies to find the right influential individuals to work with in to boost marketing efforts. Gathering valuable feedback from beta testers, Booker and Powell brought on in-house developers and data scientists to build a data engine capable of predicting crucial industry and consumer trends, influencers, and “influencees” that went far beyond the usual metrics of fan counts and “engagement rates.”

Spearheaded in spring 2016 by CAO Estefan Ortiz, PhD., CTO Nakul Jeirath, and Education unit VP Jesse Gonzalez, Enflux tested and launched advanced predictive analysis and bespoke algorithm functionality, allowing clients to understand not just who influences their target customer but what, when, and how. Further Enflux inventions in 2016 and 2017 included Geo-Inference capabilities, which allow Enflux to pinpoint audience location even when users do not geo-tag themselves; the Enflux Interaction Rating (EIR), which transcends vanity metrics to deliver deep insights into audience engagement; loose community detection, precise topic extraction, and much more.

In 2017, Enflux also launched its UniBit academic vertical, based around the skillset of Education VP Alejandra Zertuche. The Enflux UniBit product is already used by some of the United States’ most recognized professional schools and Universities to comply with, and manage, federal mandates and accreditation agency “big data” requirements for program assessment and ongoing accreditation.

Enflux team members now span the globe, with offices in San Antonio, London, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid.