Getting Started With Enflux

Enflux automatically extracts and integrates your data – all you need to do is sign up. Enflux onboarding takes just a few simple steps because we believe accessing your data should be easy.

Step 1:

Grant Enflux Access to Your Data Sources

  • Built from the ground up for academic institutions, security has always been a key priority for Enflux, ensuring the privacy of schools, faculty, and students alike
  • Enflux provides you with a detailed testing approach, based on the OCR protocol for FERPA security and privacy safeguards. Our team has extensive technology risk and audit experience
  • Interested in learning more about our security systems? Download our security white paper

Step 2:

Our team of Customer Success experts works with you to quickly add your team to the platform

  • Easily set permissions per user to ensure data is kept safe
  • Group users by private committees so you can seamlessly collaborate within the platform
  • Assign other users tasks using our ActionPlan™ tool

Step 3:

Schedule a date for training

  • No hidden fees for training — everything is included in your Enflux subscription
  • Still have questions after training? Simply Live Chat with our support team within the Enflux platform

Step 4:

You’re now ready to start using Enflux

What Our Users Say

“Our advisors feel they have to go on a scavenger hunt to meet with a student. With Enflux, all of the data is in one place.”


“It just took you one minute to do a gap analysis that took me weeks to put together.”


“I want to cry right now! I just spent a month putting this information together manually”


“We don’t have any data in “real time” and we need to figure things out more quickly. This would allow us to do that!”


“I love the snapshots and the ability to document, track and evaluate CQI initiatives.”


“This is our dream- we have accreditation next year and I am not even sure where all of our data is stored.”