Enflux Gives Your School:

Automated Data Analysis


Enflux integrates and analyzes data from all of your assessment systems, to help students achieve positive educational outcomes and track their progress along the way.

Intuitive Dashboards


Clear, cloud-based dashboards that display Enflux data insights that inform programmatic assessment and accreditation compliance.

Dynamic Reports


Dynamic, client-driven, comprehensive reports that mirror accreditation requirement narratives and achievement of key goals.

Predictive Data


A predictive data science tool that anticipates specific actions to continuously improve program quality.

Enflux Dashboards Automatically Deliver Crucial Insights That:

Activate your strategic plans

Measure and increase team engagement and accountability

Facilitate accreditation and success of key goals

Unlock predictive and explanatory analysis

Support student recruitment and retention efforts

We deliver these solutions through a software licensing and delivery model (SaaS-based) that is cloud-based, secure, licensed on a subscription basis, and centrally hosted.

Say hello to simpler and more sustainable accreditation success.