Oversee academic/financial affairs and enforce board policies.

We help you by:

Giving you an intuitive way to monitor activities via clear online dashboards and reports, saving you significant time and resources.

Directors & Coordinators


Analyze data to drive forward-facing decisions and develop reports.

We help you by:

Enabling you to demonstrate program quality and provide real-time documentation on-demand, as well as automating data extraction, integration, and analysis.



Assessing curriculum effectiveness to improve student outcomes.

We help you by:

Displaying student progress toward desired programmatic outcomes and helping to improve lecture development, teaching and learning strategies, practice opportunities, and assessment strategies.

Student Affairs & Admissions


Student recruitment and mentoring, linking institutional goals and activities to outcomes.

We help you by:

Integrating admissions data with student progression data to continuously evaluate admissions criteria and ensure it correlates to desired outcomes.

Academic Affairs


Tracking faculty performance, monitoring compliance & managing sabbaticals.

We help you by:

Integrating performance data for critical evaluation and recommendations, to ultimately improve the quality of appointment, reappointment, and promotion long-forms.

Office of Student Success


Help students perform better & ultimately graduate; identify problems & bright spots.

We help you by:

Providing data-driven reports that help identify academic issues to develop early intervention strategies.

Director of Office of Experiential Learning


Manage programs and develop experiential opportunities.

We help you by:

Presenting data-driven dashboards that aid in coordinating, implementing, and evaluating introductory and advanced experience programs.

University President


Support university mission and secure funding.

We help you by:

Clearly displaying insights that help maintain and enhance your institution’s academic mission & operations.

University Provost


Oversee innovation and support academic integrity of university.

We help you by:

Providing data insights that help meet enrollment management goals, ensuring academic integrity and supporting innovations in programs.

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