Why a Dashboard?

By: Dr. Annesha White, PharmD, MS, PhD

Enflux integrates and analyzes data from siloed sources to provide a holistic view of the effectiveness of your program, all the way down to individual student-level performance. We provide interactive dashboards that streamline assessment and accreditation processes to improve the quality of academic institutions.

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At Enflux we often get asked about the importance and value of dashboards when it comes to making decisions around data.

Dr. Annesha White, the Associate Dean for Assessment at the University of North Texas System College of Pharmacy, shared her thoughts on this question during her recent Enflux onboarding.

Automates data extraction, integration, and analysis from multiple data sources into one centralized database.

Universal Academic Database®

A tool that fosters a stronger assessment culture and holds educators accountable.


Deliver the right actionable data to the right educator at the right time.

Interactive Dashboards

Automatically generate reports that streamline assessment and accreditation compliance.

Dynamic Reports

Full Suite of Tools to Unlock Your Data

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