Schools rely on time-consuming manual data collection.


Outdated, inefficient Assessment and Accreditation systems fail to provide the data-based evidence necessary for improvement and compliance.


 As a result:

 As a result:


Schools spend countless hours and resources.


Schools attempt to align their actions with strategic plan goals and accreditation needs. Despite their best efforts and intentions, schools fail to demonstrate accreditation compliance and make evidence-based decisions for continuous quality improvement.

Tired of manual data collection and analysis?

Enflux brings ease and peace of mind to the daily chaos of data tracking and analysis.

Educators Use Enflux To:


Activate Strategic Plans

Enflux extracts, transforms, and integrates higher education data to provide dynamic visual analytics.

  • Alleviate the complexity and stress of executing, tracking, and reporting their strategic plan goals and objectives.
  • Benchmark school performance against peer schools and national standards and assess trends over time.

Drive Engagement and Accountability

Proprietary Enflux ticketing system helps administrators and faculty share feedback about the strategic plan and set individual data-based goals.

  • Facilitating collaborative documentation and communication of data-based decisions relevant to the strategic plan. 
  • Collectively contribute to continual quality improvements and accreditation compliance.
  • Documenting evidence-based goals with a ticket that includes a measurable time-bound target with a custom snapshot of the dashboard view that prompts action.
  • Encouraging the tracking and evaluation of progress made on individual goals.

Achieve Key Goals and Exceed Accreditation Needs

Enflux arms schools with dynamic, client-driven, comprehensive, and streamlined reports.

  • Include substantial exhibits, arranged and classified to mirror accreditation report narratives and facilitate the preparation of self-studies.
  • Identify strengths and opportunities within groups of students, faculty, departments, administrators, and committees.
  • Become critical planning documents for informed decision-making for years to come.

Enflux in the News

“Enflux helps local university increase retention by 65% in first year.”

University Star

A Word From Our Customers

  • “As someone working in higher education, I am always eager to learn something that will help my department save on time and stress. Not only was Enflux able to feed my thirst for knowledge, but they did so in a way that was so one-on-one and personable. I knew I was in good hands and now I never have to wonder if our students are truly engaged or not.”

    Greg Johnson Dean of Psychology
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