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The most powerful decision support system in Higher Ed

Enflux provides the most powerful decision support platform for higher education institutions. We pull together all your siloed and static admission and assessment data—both internal and external—and curate them into insightful, actionable reports in real-time. With our solutions, your institution can significantly improve its overall performance and easily provide data-backed performance metrics to federal and accreditation agencies.

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All of your academic data in one place!

Student Success

Enflux alerts you of at-risk students, allowing you to give them timely support to help them stay on track.

Strategic Planning for Performance

Create data-driven faculty and administration ActionPlans® for enhanced curricular effectiveness.

Curriculum Delivery

Enflux identifies curriculum gaps, helping you fill them before course delivery.

Accreditation Compliance

This time and resource-draining process is replaced with real-time data reporting at your fingertips.

10 billion

datasets processed


students supported


courses offered


Activate your Strategic and Assessment Plans with Enflux’s ActionPlans to foster collaboration, transparency and a stronger culture of accountability.


Student Academic Advising

Faculty & Faculty Development

  • Monitor student academic progress and outcomes
  • Asses the effectiveness of teaching and learning
  • Identify "at risk" or "vulnerable" academic activity
  • Contribute to course and program improvement
  • Provide engaging academic mentoring
  • Communicate success and concerns about the curriculum
Student Academic Advising

Student Services

  • Analyze performance data
  • Identify "at risk" or "vulnerable" student performance
  • Evaluate student mastery of course objectives
  • Determine readiness for clinical experience
  • Collaborate with mentors

Program Development

  • Understand what is working in the curriculum and what could be improved
  • Streamline assessment processes that allow CQI based on data driven decisions
  • Build documentation for accreditation requirements
  • Drive a culture of continuous improvement
  • Foster opportunities for inclusive and continuous conversations

Assessment & Accreditation

  • Centralize assessment findings and activities
  • Reduce the reliance on spreadsheets
  • Connect disparate data sources
  • Streamline program evaluation and ongoing self-assessment
  • Focus on the right priorities
  • Document all activities and collaborative work
  • Meet and exceed accreditation expectations


Up and running in days, not months.


Integrate and analyze your siloed data sources.

Quickly add your team to the platform.

Receive training with your own data.

You’re now ready to start using Enflux!

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