Centralized Data, Streamlined Assessment and Accreditation

Tired of manual data collection and analysis? Enflux empowers higher education programs to visually analyze and drive action around their data.

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Data Should Be Accessible and Actionable

Enflux integrates and analyzes data from siloed sources to provide a holistic view of the effectiveness of your program, all the way down to individual student-level performance. We provide interactive dashboards that streamline assessment and accreditation processes to improve the quality of academic institutions.

See How Enflux Empowers Academic ExcellenceTM

You’ve got the data — Enflux helps you do much more with it. We integrate and consolidate higher-education data across multiple sources to create a true academic intelligence platform.

A Full Suite of Tools to Unlock Your Data

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Universal Academic Database®

Automates data extraction, integration, and analysis from multiple data sources into one centralized database.

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Interactive Dashboards

Deliver the right actionable data to the right educator at the right time.

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A tool that fosters a stronger assessment culture and holds educators accountable.

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Dynamic Reports

Automatically generate reports that streamline assessment and accreditation compliance.

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