Our Story

The Enflux story began in 2011, when a data scientist—working in the field of academic assessment — spotted an urgent business need, found that a solution didn’t exist anywhere in the world, and decided to create that solution…herself.

What was that need? Accreditation agencies required universities to provide dynamic data-driven evidence to demonstrate compliance. However, universities didn’t know how to comply. They were drowning in messy data with no way to reliably distill it into actionable insights.

What was the solution? The data scientist developed a powerful way to automatically integrate and analyze data from all assessment systems for a given university, displaying it on clear, customizable dashboards. For the first time, schools were able to quickly and easily obtain the data insights needed for programmatic assessment and accreditation compliance using these intuitive dashboards.

Rather than risking their reputation, retention, and recruitment by failing to meet accreditation requirements, schools finally had a predictive data-science tool that anticipated the specific actions required to continuously improve program quality — no stress or additional work required. Now, they could monitor academic progress — including which students were on track to pass their boards, which needed immediate intervention and assistance, and which faculty members were adding the most value. This technological breakthrough, in turn, helped students achieve educational success.

Who was that data scientist? Alejandra Zertuche, who is Enflux’s CEO.

After five years of solo development, in 2017, Alejandra partnered with Avery Booker and Cameron Powell, seasoned technology professionals with the right expertise to commercialize that software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Today, Alejandra, together with these visionary Co-Founders, leads a world-class team at Enflux, a data company who partners with educators to harness the power of their data and promote academic excellence. Enflux provides a solution that activates strategic plans, increases engagement and accountability, and clearly displays accreditation compliance and success of key goals.

While launching the business to serve health professional schools in the United States, Enflux’s strategic plan calls for expansion to other academic programs (such as engineering, accounting, law and business) within the same university system. The company’s long-term plan calls for full global expansion, helping educators worldwide in a multitude of disciplines use proprietary data science to “see what matters” to their institutions, professors, and students.

Ale Zertuche, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Alejandra is the subject matter expert leading the academic intelligence efforts behind the Enflux platform. She is a distinguished graduate of St. Mary’s University with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Business Administration. She has also completed graduate coursework in Applied Statistics and she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics.


Avery Booker, Co-Founder

Avery leads Enflux’s efforts to boost brand awareness and generate revenue by increasing sales through market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising, and public relations. Avery has a long career advising many of the world’s top companies on strategy, business development, and how to succeed in fast-growing markets. Avery was previously a partner at New York-based China Luxury Advisors and  founding editor-in-chief of Jing Daily, the world’s most influential digital publication focused on China’s luxury and consumer markets. An author, lecturer and speaker, he holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master’s degree from New York University.


Cameron Powell, MD, Co-Founder

Cameron brings deep experience in assembling talented development teams capable of driving rapid growth and product-client fit. As a serial entrepreneur, investor and advisor, Cameron has co-founded several tech-enabled companies in multiple vertical markets such as healthcare (AirStrip & Ranger Health / FetchMD), oil & gas (WellAware), social media (Vemory/Splice), big data (Enflux) and leather manufacturing (Mission Mercantile); the most recent transaction being GoPro’s acquisition of Splice. Cameron worked as an Ob/Gyn physician before pivoting towards the start-up world 15 years ago with the formation of his first company, AirStrip (backed by Sequoia Capital). He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Brown University and an MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.


Matt Murphy, Chief Operating Officer

Matt has a passion for growing businesses rooted in his experience over the last two decades building private-equity-funded companies and serving as a management consultant. He founded M Square Ventures―an advisory firm that partners with business owners at private companies, community banks, and family offices―to achieve their key objectives. Matt also co-founded Texas Next Capital, a lower-middle-market private equity firm focused on building and growing companies in Texas. He has served as a board member and in president-level leadership positions at Fresh From Texas, Ideon Financial Solutions, Alta Bank International, and Texas Heritage Bank. Prior to his private equity career, Matt worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and Accenture where he served Fortune 100 companies. Matt earned a Bachelor’s degree from Abilene Christian University and a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania