The AI-powered tool for effortless exam items classification to cognitive levels and competencies

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Streamline and automate the classification of exam items to gain valuable insights for accurate assessment mapping, identification of curricular gaps, and accreditation compliance support. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of our AI-powered solution.

Discover the benefits of CompetencyGenie™

Automate exam classification

Whether it’s one-by-one or in bulk, efficiently categorize assessments across courses or academic programs, enabling you to obtain valuable and actionable data.
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Improve teaching methods and course quality

As a course instructor, gain insights that support continuous quality improvement by evaluating the breadth and depth of your assessments through accurate item classification.

Enhance curriculum evaluation

Empower yourself as an assessment or curriculum leader with CompetencyGenie. Break free from manual item classification and gain accurate insights to measure curriculum effectiveness and ensure accreditation compliance.

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Why use CompetencyGenie™?

Save time

Effortlessly handle large volumes of assessment data using CompetencyGenie™'s automated classification capabilities. Say goodbye to manual item classification and save valuable faculty time.

Ensure accurate classification

Utilize CompetencyGenie™ to achieve consistent and precise mapping of exam items to cognitive levels and competencies, minimizing errors or inconsistencies.

Gain actionable insights

Obtain valuable data and insights from exam classification, empowering faculty to make informed decisions for course improvement, instructional planning, and targeted student support.

Prepare for accreditation review

With our AI-powered solution, assessment and curriculum leaders obtain the insights needed for curriculum alignment and compliance with accreditation standards.

Meagan Mielczarek

“As a former director of assessment, I know the importance of meaningful data to improve student learning opportunities. Our AI-powered tool, based on the Bloom’s framework, helps educators determine the depth of knowledge for better alignment to learning objectives. With CompetencyGenie™, educators can confidently tag items and provide complex, but fair, assessments of student learning.”

DR. MEAGAN MIELCZAREK, Head of Education and Assessment


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