Enflux Solutions

Admissions Reporting


Easily identify students who are a good fit to attend your institution. Drill down into data on key admissions criteria and sort applicants by test scores, gender, ethnicity, geography, and other data points. With a few clicks, generate easily actionable reports for committee review.


Academic Advising


Quickly identify students that need additional support. These reports provide in-depth performance data for each student over any period of time – course, semester, or academic year. With this information, advisors can promptly identify and address outcomes needing improvement for their mentees.

Student Performance


Monitor student performance by learning outcomes and assessment grades at the course level or longitudinally over time. Drill down into performance by learning outcomes tied specifically to cognitive domains, like Bloom’s Taxonomy. Improve student outcomes by quickly identifying and targeting specific areas of improvement.

Assessment and Accreditation


Evaluate the reliability and validity of assessments. With Enflux, you do not need to rely on someone else to build a report nor do you have to be a psychometrician to evaluate your assessments.


ExamSoft Insights


Make the most of your ExamSoft data and ensure that it is well-governed. With automated data extractions and user-friendly visualization, you’ll have insights at your fingertips. Enflux directly links into ExamSoft, allowing for seamless navigation between both platforms. Identify questions needing revision, evaluate curriculum effectiveness, and positively influence improved student outcomes — all in one place!


Curricular Analytics

Curriculum Effectiveness


The Curriculum Effectiveness Dashboard allows for ongoing program evaluation by providing insights into the effects of curriculum changes. This Dashboard displays student performance data longitudinally across multiple courses and years on ExamSoft categories. Data can also be aggregated to display student performance over a customizable period of time (course, semester, year, etc).


Curriculum Gap Analysis


Quickly identify gaps in your curriculum. Are faculty teaching and assessing the learning outcomes laid out in your school’s curriculum map? If a particular learning outcome has not been assessed in ExamSoft, but is included in the school’s curriculum map it will be automatically identified.

ActionPlan® Management System


Document, track, and evaluate data-driven decisions for team collaboration and accountability.
Make committee meetings more effective by communicating through ActionPlans and close the assessment loop.



Easily sort, group, and bundle multiple ActionPlans into a single document: perfect for accreditation reports, committee meeting reviews and personal to-do lists.