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CORE Higher Education Group


From student placement and scheduling to evaluations, compliance, and preceptor management, CORE ELMS software manages every aspect of your externship/clinical education process.

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Canvas is the course management system that supports online learning and teaching. It allows professors to post grades, information, and assignments online. It is being used by universities and colleges all over the world.




ExamSoft is the world’s most advanced assessment platform, used widely across the globe. The solution suite provides Exam Security and is the standard assessment solution for higher ed.




PeopleAdmin is a talent management software designed to help higher education services manage recruitment, position management, onboarding and performance management with a range of tools.

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go culture

Go Culture


Go Culture brings decades of industry experience, field research, and a deep passion together to create better workplaces through DEI aptitude measurement, talent-development, and certification to help clients simplify DEI strategies.



Enflux + CORE AACP Webinar: Transforming the Student Journey Through Digital Solutions


See how Enflux’s strategic partnership with CORE will allow us the most comprehensive 360° view of student performance and a powerful coupling of our assessment frameworks with CORE’s clinical framework. Together, we’ll be producing automated and actionable dashboards with the primary goal to assess and optimize learner outcomes!

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ExamSoft Webinar

Enflux + Examsoft Webinar: Using Data to Drive Continuous Improvement in Student Learning


Capturing meaningful performance data can be a challenge, and it can be especially difficult to make that data actionable. Hear from data experts and higher ed leaders as they discuss the process of implementing Enflux in combination with data from ExamSoft to improve student outcomes. Attendees will learn how to gather performance data more efficiently, identify at-risk students for early remediation, and use data insights to determine student mastery of course objectives.

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Helping Academic Institutions Fulfill the Mission of Higher Education


Helping Academic Institutions Fulfill the Mission of Higher Education with Rishi Rana, Chief Experience Office (CXO) of PeopleAdmin, a PowerSchool company where he leads strategy, growth, and with direct ownership of Product, R&D, Services, Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing. Enflux and PeopleAdmin recently announced their integration partnership. This partnership is game changing for higher education institutions, providing a tool that directly correlates faculty activity with student outcomes.

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Interested in partnering with Enflux? It’s our mission to empower those involved in education to use data more effectively to measure, evaluate, and improve academic performance. Our actionable dashboards and real-time reports provide the right insights to the right educator at the right time, helping institutions make data-driven decisions and significantly improve student outcomes. So let’s get started.

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