Frequently AskedQuestions

What Is Enflux?


Enflux is a secure, cloud-based platform that integrates and analyzes data from multiple sources to provide an accessible view of overall program performance—all the way down to the individual student level. Depending on the type of school, users can integrate ExamSoft® reports, AACP Surveys, MPJE, NAPLEX, PCOA, LCME Data Collection Instrument, Electronic Testing Data, and Curriculum Maps.

Who uses Enflux?


Enflux is used by higher education faculty and administrators looking to simplify the processes behind accreditation, self-study, and student performance monitoring and mentoring.

Do I need specific hardware to run Enflux?


Enflux is a web-based platform, so you don’t need to worry about installing any software, managing updates, or asking your IT department for help with setup.

Do you have resources for me to learn more about the platform?


Of course! Feel free to browse through our blogs, or check out our case studies from current customers.

How much does Enflux cost?


Enflux subscription costs vary based on the number of students, data sources, and institutional specialty (e.g. medical, pharmaceutical, general). Contact our team at for more information about bringing Enflux to your institution.

How do I sign up?


Signing up for Enflux is simple. Schedule a demo below or contact

My budget cycle for the year passed. Can I still onboard with Enflux?


Absolutely! We work with all types of higher ed institutions to find the best solutions given their budget cycles. For specifics, please contact Kati Warman at

How does Enflux get access to data? How do we give data to Enflux?


With Enflux, there is no need to worry about manually exporting your data to the platform. We extract all of the data for you.

How does Enflux approach data security?


Enflux takes a variety of measures to ensure your data stays safe and secure, to learn more about our data security policy you can downlaod the white paper “How Enflux Approaches Security” by clicking here.