Veterinary School Learning Analytics

Cultivate the next generation of veterinary professionals with our robust competency tracking and comprehensive learning analytics solution. Liberate yourself from manual workflows and spreadsheet dependencies by consolidating all your data into a centralized hub. Specially designed for veterinary schools, our Veterinary School Learning Analytics simplifies assessment analysis, turning raw siloed data into actionable insights for student success.


Centralize your veterinary medicine school’s data in a secure, user-friendly platform. Efficiently manage users, track performance, monitor student competencies, and uphold institutional accountability, all geared towards helping your school achieve AVMA Council on Education® (AVMA COE®) accreditation standards.


Empower the academic leadership of your veterinary medicine school with efficient programmatic assessment tools, enabling real-time curriculum evaluation, academic advising support, faculty performance review, and individual student outcome assessment across time.


Implement consistent, collaborative, and transparent documentation processes to evaluate data-driven decisions and assessment plans using the Strategic Plans and ActionPlan® management system. Enhance the efficiency of committee meetings by utilizing Action Plans and reports for effective communication, ensuring the assessment loop is closed.

Why use Veterinary School Learning Analytics

Automate manual tasks

Effortlessly centralize, manage, and analyze fragmented program data in a centralized hub, reducing faculty workload and saving valuable time by eliminating manual spreadsheet tasks.

Enhance competency assessment

Attain consistent and automated tagging of exam items to cognitive levels and core professional competencies in pre-clinical and clinical veterinary education by harnessing the capabilities of AI.

Provide timely academic guidance

Gain valuable insights to proactively identify at-risk students, offer targeted advising, enhance NAVLE pass rates, and pave the way for their career success.

Prepare for accreditation review

Equip academic leadership with essential insights for enhancing program quality, achieved through continuous curriculum and student performance monitoring, self-assessment, and accreditation compliance.


“Previously, our process for identifying at-risk students after every exam was quite complex. Each course had its own way of reporting, and our Associate Deans and Administrative Assistants had to sort and filter this data manually before presenting it for discussion. With Enflux, after just one rotation, we can quickly identify underperforming students and create Action Plans, specifying the competencies they need to improve.”

Brandon Raczkoski

Director of Evaluation and Assessment, Clinical Assistant Professor of Academic and Student Advancement, School of Veterinary Medicine at Oklahoma State University


Enflux integrates your assessment data into pre-built dashboards for streamlined AVMA COE® accreditation compliance measurement

​​AVMA® Survey of Graduating Veterinary Students

Gain a valuable longitudinal comparison tool that empowers you to evaluate your veterinary medicine school performance in relation to other participating institutions nationwide.

The North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE)

Access a comprehensive analysis of NAVLE data, including historical pass rates, to evaluate your program’s accreditation compliance effectively.

Veterinary Education Assessment

Efficiently analyze Veterinary Educational Assessment data to track and compare your students’ long-term performance, inform curriculum adjustments, and assist in their NAVLE preparation.

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