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Thriving Team


Enflux, like every organization, faced challenges with 2020 craziness.  We were able to make work from home (and lots of “you’re on mute”) work. The team has been able to use this time to engage with more schools. We had a successful internship program and were even able to grow the team.

Enflux’s 2020 Roundup!


Through our incredible partnerships with our current clients and our team’s talents, we have been fortunate to achieve several milestones and launch multiple product updates.


While it is easy to get caught up in the minutia of the day, we wanted to take an opportunity to share with you what we have accomplished in 2020 to help educators focus on successful student outcomes.  Here is a sampling of Enflux’s 2020.


Enflux Thought & Partnership

Relevant Content


We love our vocal customers!  You make us better every day.  We have heard you and have delivered on multiple fronts with thought-provoking webinars, ROI business case tools, virtually attended events, and informal coaching with assessment leaders.


Enflux Thought & Partnership

Planting Seeds for 2021


We have preparations underway to launch our new EdLuminaries podcast in January 2021, hosted by Alejandra Zertuche, where she talks with educational leaders to uncover innovative and creative ways educators are driving student success.


Product Leadership

Game Changer


Our newest release combines the previous versions of Curriculum Effectiveness and Curriculum Gap Analysis dashboards with a more intuitive way to evaluate curriculum performance and intended versus actual curriculum.


Product Leadership

ActionPlans® 2.0


We added multiple upgrades to our ActionPlan feature, including adding attachments, links, and an ActionPlan dashboard.  You can even add emojis too! 🎬

Be a hero. Leverage your data.


Product Leadership

Stagnant Strategic Plan?


Activate your Strategic Plan with crisp alignment for your assessment and accreditation activities. We challenge you to put away the binder and stop working on your Strategic Plan from a dusty spreadsheet.  Close the assessment loop by conveying a coherent story.

We hope you enjoyed our 2020 Roundup! Cheers to 2021!


Product Leadership

Major Upgrades


Our entire EDU Suite has now been revamped! We are empowering our academics with the ability to make the most of ExamSoft data. This includes:


  • Visualization for determining items that need to be tagged as well as quick links to ExamSoft
  • Effortlessly identify students at risk and evaluate their performance down to the category level
  • Strengthen assessments’ validity and reliability whether you are a psychometrician or not!

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