4 Takeaways from Enflux’s Session at the 2020 AACP Interim Meeting

At the 2020 AACP Interim Meeting in Puerto Rico, Enflux’s CEO Alejandra Zertuche gave a session titled “Transform Your Data into Timely Insights and Actionable Plans for Student Success”. The talk received such positive feedback that our team wanted to include some key takeaways from our discussion.
You can access the session slides here.

1. Accreditation needs to be an ongoing process

While many recognize the need for continuous quality improvement at their institutions, implementing data-driven decisions only tends to happen when compiling data for accreditation reports. Therefore, there is a noted struggle to make improvements continuously throughout the academic year, even when the need for change is apparent. During our session, we asked the following question to learn more about why data wasn’t always being leveraged. 

What are the challenges of leveraging data?

    1. Too many siloed data sources 38%
    2. Finding skilled Analyst/Data Scientist 0%
    3. All of the above 48%
    4. No Challenges 14% 

The results lead us to our next key takeaway from the session. 

2. Data collection is only the beginning – we need to drive insights and actions

An overwhelming 86% of participants in our session attributed too many siloed data sources as a core reason why they cannot effectively leverage data. Educators are too busy just trying to find out where their data lives when they should be spending time gaining meaningful insights.
Enflux aggregates all of these data sources into one location, so you spend less time collecting data and more time driving action.

3. Derive insights from siloed sources and break out of the data collection cycle

Implementing data-driven decisions begins with the aggregation of all of your data into one central location. Enflux is designed to achieve these goals by updating and aggregating your data in one secure location. Of course, static data does little to help with the pursuit of continuous improvement. With Enflux, all data sources can sync with each other, ensuring your data is always up to date. Having all relevant data centralized puts you in a position to create a standardized method of identifying students at risk, courses, faculty, and outcomes to evaluate. When your data is connected and formatted correctly you can start building out dashboards to automate portions of the assessment process. 

4. Turn Insights into Actions

Now that all of your data is aggregated and up to date, you can turn insights gained from your dashboards into actions. Dashboards are a critical step in this process because they allow you to provide timely, reliable, and relevant data. As data is updated in your system, you can continuously generate comprehensive reports with a collection of actions by accreditation standard.

At Enflux, we understand how tedious and time-consuming it can be to manually collect, aggregate, and update your data. We’re here to help you bypass this monotonous work and spend your time where it matters most – making actionable improvements to your program. Click here to set up a call to learn how you can automate the entire process from data extraction to data visualization at your institution.