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How Florida A&M University leveraged Enflux academic intelligence to drive student success

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May 16, 2024 · 7 min read


Enflux provides a decision support platform for higher education, aggregating data in real-time and providing insightful, actionable reports to improve overall performance and student success. In November of 2019, Florida A&M University’s College of Pharmacy, an ExamSoft customer since 2015, began using Enflux.
In the four months that followed, the school moved faculty compliance for tagging exam outcomes from 23 percent to 100 in all tracked categories.
The school also attributes exam pass rates, which rose from 75 percent, to 82.70 percent, in large part to curriculum improvements driven by real-time data delivered by Enflux’s dashboards.
Florida A&M’s Executive Director of Information Technology is the school’s Enflux liaison.


In 2016, Florida A&M’s pharmacy school noted a 26% decline in student passing rates on the NAPLEX exam, drawing administration and faculty attention. To reverse the trend and improve accreditation compliance, the school set out to strengthen its curriculum. In the process, it identified key areas requiring immediate attention, including a need to: automate data extraction; analyze and organize program performance, down to the student level; prioritize areas of opportunity to increase efficiencies; and generate action plans easily shareable among faculty members.
To improve curriculum, the school also needed to find a way to ensure that every professor was tagging every exam question to CAPE, ACPE, Blooms, and NAPLEX categories. And for accurate tagging analysis, the IT Executive Director needed to be able to exclude from reports the tags of professors who’d created exams in 2015 through 2017, but who were no longer employed by his school, since only the faculty individual member who originally created the exam questions could identify the outcomes those questions sought to assess.
“We needed to make decisions and take action early in the semester instead of waiting until finals when students might possibly be failing, and then try to figure out what, if anything, we could do,” A&M’s Executive Director of IT said. “But, as with most schools, our faculty were already extremely busy and didn’t always have time to run ExamSoft reports. Even when they did, those reports didn’t compile results in a centralized place.”
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In October of 2019, Florida A&M’s team participated in an Enflux capabilities demonstration. “I liked the product immediately because it can display on dashboards all the information we need to track,” the executive director said, referring to Enflux’s native Categories Per Item, Assessment Effectiveness, Curriculum Effectiveness, Student Performance, MPJE, and PCOA dashboards, which enable faculty to begin immediately making decisions based on real-time information. “As soon as I saw it, I knew we had to have it.”
Upon contract execution, A&M’s Executive Director of IT met with Enflux’s Customer Success Team to explain their unique needs and environment. “A week later, I was logging in and looking at my dashboards,” he said, “Enflux’s development team had already written all the code. So everything was matched to our ExamSoft data. Once that data migrated over, the dashboards were automatically populated.” Next, Enflux trained the pharmacy school’s entire faculty, on-site, in November. “From signing the contract to having our faculty trained and ready to go, took less than a month,” the executive director said.


Ease of use
centralized location of key data points
user-friendly interface
personal assistance from members of the Enflux team
timely updates (data refresh in 1 week)
personalized support

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