Curriculum Effectiveness Case Study

Roseman University of Health Sciences



Using a block system of curricular design, Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy allows students to study one content area at a time in a condensed time period through its Six-Point-Mastery-Learning-Model (SPMLM). There are no letter grades. Instead, students demonstrate competency by passing assessments associated with each block in ExamSoft that include strategic courses integrating skills and hands-on learning. SPMLM also values remediation – all students have the opportunity to take assessments up to three times to achieve competency.

With Enflux, Roseman University was able to ascertain the effectiveness of their curriculum, close the assessment loop, and reinforce student learning improvement efforts.


The assessments produce rich data, but with staggered curriculums on two campuses in two different states, accessing and compiling it into meaningful information for thousands of learning outcomes was a challenge.


The program called on Enflux to automatically extract the rich data from ExamSoft and integrate it with the curriculum map to show student competency in a variety of metrics as students progress.

The Results

Enflux extracts the rich data and integrates it into the curriculum map for a clear view of student competency.

Collecting the outcome data and streamlining its conversion to rich information helps to determine curriculum effectiveness, identify gaps, close the assessment loop, and strengthens continuous improvement efforts.


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