University Case Study

University of Charleston West Virginia Department of Academic Affairs


At the midpoint of the semester, UCWV’s Department of Academic Affairs was manually extracting student assessment grades from ExamSoft to monitor academic performance. The objective was to identify students at risk and create an academic letter outlining courses in which students aren’t meeting the 70% minimum academic requirement.


This letter notifies students to meet with their academic advisor and appropriate course coordinator. In the meeting, students share their ExamSoft strengths and opportunities report for a deeper analysis and to help determine what steps are required to make improvements.

Enflux empowered UCWV to make better use of data faster, so they could efficiently show students at risk of underperforming where they need to focus their efforts in order to improve and succeed.


UCWV’s current process of identifying students at risk was incredibly time-consuming, as Excel spreadsheets needed to be processed manually.


With the aid of Enflux’s Student Academic Advising dashboard, UCWV was able to complete the process simply using filters and a few clicks.

The Results

Instead of creating a letter per student, ActionPlans are created with snapshots of the courses and assessments that haven’t met the minimum academic requirement of 70%.

Students no longer need to bring their ExamSoft strengths and opportunities report since their advisor has easy access to this data through Enflux.


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