Co-Curricular Activity Tracking Using Enflux

William Carey University School of Pharmacy


As a new program, William Carey University’s School of Pharmacy was required to go through the ACPE accreditation process. In order to be accredited, programs must evaluate co-curricular activities for each student. To meet this requirement, Dr. Dave J. Weldon, Associate Dean of Pharmacy and Assessment and Associate Professor of Pharmacy, was searching for a solution to better track co-curricular activities. According to a survey conducted by ACPE itself, while schools were generally consistent regarding co-curricular activities, there were variations in assessing the experiences.

With Enflux, William Carey University’s School of Pharmacy was able to share performance data with students and stakeholders easily and efficiently – allowing them more time to delve into data, explore trends, and create action.


Before using Enflux, William Carey faculty would go through the slow, arduous process of manually submitting documents like rubrics and reflections into a cloud-based folder.


To improve tracking of co-curricular activities, William Carey created an ActionPlan® for each student. These plans provided insights unique to each student, professional year, and mentor, while remaining easy to use and efficient as each ActionPlan® was crafted from the same template. In addition to creating ActionPlans for each student, Dr. Weldon also used the ActionPlan® dashboard to track faculty’s progress.

Enflux-Driven Results

Instead of sifting through multiple emails or documents, faculty task completion can now be quickly and easily determined from their ActionPlan® dashboards.

The creation of a centralized repository for comments and attachments associated with each ActionPlan® improved access and organization.

Progress on project completion is easily monitored without having to send reminder emails to faculty to complete each ActionPlan – Enflux sends these automatically!


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