CORE Higher Education Group and Enflux Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Comprehensive Student Performance Insights

CORE and Enflux Announce Strategic Partnership

Warwick, R.I., April 25, 2023 – CORE Higher Education Group, the leading provider of solutions for student competency management, clinical education, and workforce readiness, has announced a new strategic partnership with Enflux, a data analytics and decision support system for higher education.

The partnership between CORE and Enflux empowers users to seamlessly integrate, analyze, and centralize data from CORE ELMS’s externship/clinical management platform within Enflux’s established didactic and standardized assessment frameworks. This powerful combination delivers a comprehensive 360° view of student performance, enabling educators to monitor academic progress, gain valuable insights, and drive continuous improvement in student outcomes.

“We are excited to partner with Enflux to offer a centralized location for student performance management and analysis,” said Gregory Cianfarani, CEO of CORE Higher Education Group. “Together, we provide educators with 360° insights to support every stage of the student journey, from student placement and scheduling to evaluations, compliance, and preceptor management.”

The CORE ELMS software manages every aspect of experiential education, from student placement and scheduling to evaluations, compliance, and preceptor management. Enflux’s seamless integration with CORE ELMS empowers educators with efficient access to all aspects of student performance, coupled with data visualization tools for deeper insights and informed decision-making. Educators can quickly track, analyze, and take action to enhance student outcomes as Enflux transforms their data for assessment and accreditation needs.

“Manual data manipulation wastes time, especially when data is spread across isolated systems. Automatically pulling data into one centralized system of intelligence and obtaining a comprehensive view of students and the program will enable educators to enhance student success and the quality of education,” said Alejandra Zertuche, CEO of Enflux.

Together, Enflux and CORE empower educators to enhance student success, ensure curriculum effectiveness, and unlock the potential of their data.


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About Enflux

Enflux is a comprehensive analytics and decision support system for higher education that streamlines data management, empowers effortless programmatic assessment, and accreditation compliance. From managing accreditation to assessing a new curriculum, Enflux helps educators and assessment coordinators see the effect of their work in near-real time and provides an accessible view of overall program performance down to the individual student level.

Enflux can easily consolidate and comprehend various data points from assessment tools, learning management systems, surveys, and exam results, turning them into a robust platform with discipline-related dashboards.


About CORE Higher Education Group

Headquartered in West Warwick, Rhode Island, CORE Higher Education Group is an education technology company providing colleges a suite of software applications to support the student journey. Founded in 2006, CORE’s software applications have grown to support the recruiting, experiential education, competency assessment, workforce readiness, and digital portfolio needs of more than 375 programs at over 175+ colleges and universities throughout North America.

Streamline your research processes and enhance student success with Enflux and CORE ELMS