AI-powered tool for exam items classification and tagging CompetencyGenie by Enflux

Enflux Unveils CompetencyGenie™: AI Solution for Exam Items Classification

[San Antonio, TX] – Enflux, the leading provider of comprehensive data analytics and decision support system for higher education, is excited to announce the launch of its new product, CompetencyGenie™. This innovative AI-powered tool is set to revolutionize the classification of exam items to cognitive levels and competencies, empowering educators and assessment leaders to enhance their assessment mapping and curriculum evaluation.


CompetencyGenie™ eliminates the manual and time-consuming process of classifying exam items, providing educators with a streamlined and automated solution. With CompetencyGenie™, users can easily classify individual exam items or batches of items to the original or revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. This powerful tool ensures that assessments are aligned with competencies, enabling educators to measure curriculum effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Key features of CompetencyGenie™ include:

        1. AI-powered classification: Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, CompetencyGenie™ eliminates the need for manual classification. It quickly classifies exam items to the appropriate cognitive levels and competencies.
        2. Customization options: Users can customize categories. They can consolidate or rename categories to align with their program’s specific preferences and requirements.

        3. Batch classification: CompetencyGenie™ empowers educators to categorize assessments across the curriculum or academic programs in batches. This allows for a comprehensive evaluation of the breadth and depth of learning and the curriculum, providing valuable insights into student attainment of competencies, identifying curricular gaps, and ensuring compliance with accreditation requirements.

“We are grateful for the invaluable feedback from our early adopters, which has been crucial in training our AI models and improving accuracy,” said Alejandra Zertuche, Enflux CEO. “While we’ve made significant progress, there’s still much to explore. We are actively developing discipline-specific competency classifications for future release, with the ultimate aim of empowering administrators and faculty to gain timely insights into curriculum and student competency without the need for manual assessment classification.”

CompetencyGenie™ is part of Enflux’s commitment to empowering educators for data-driven decision-making and driving educational excellence. The tool’s user-friendly interface is accessible to educators across various disciplines and institutions.


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About Enflux


Enflux is a comprehensive analytics and decision support system for higher education that streamlines data management and empowers effortless programmatic assessment and accreditation compliance. From managing accreditation to assessing a new curriculum, Enflux helps educators and assessment coordinators see the effect of their work in near-real time and provides an accessible view of overall program performance down to the individual student level.


With the Enflux platform, you can effortlessly consolidate and comprehend data from various sources such as assessment tools, learning management systems, surveys, and exam results to easily extract actionable insights and effectively track educational outcomes. 

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