Enflux Introduces National Physical Therapy Examination® Monitoring Suite for PT Schools

[San Antonio, TX] – April 11, 2024 – Enflux, a leader in higher education data analytics, announces the release of the National Physical Therapy Examination® (NPTE®) Monitoring Suite. Tailored specifically for physical therapy (PT) and physical therapist assistant (PTA) programs, this framework centralizes public data and presents it in visually intuitive graphs, empowering educational leaders to evaluate and compare programs effortlessly.


The suite utilizes pass rate information for the National Physical Therapy Exam® provided by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT). Developed with the aim of providing deans, faculty, and administrators with a quick and comprehensive view of their programs compared to other institutions statewide or nationwide, the NPTE® Monitoring Suite offers a range of features to facilitate program assessment.


One of the key features of the suite is the Pass Rates page, which displays the overall performance of NPTE candidates in four broad categories. Additionally, the map provides a visual representation of the number of PT and PTA schools in each US state, allowing users to understand the distribution of programs across the country.

Educational leaders can further utilize the Comparison Groups page to select their school and compare it to other schools with the same state, size, or control grouping. This feature enables institutions to benchmark their performance against similar programs.


“With just a few clicks, you can compare your school’s pass rates to peer or aspirational institutions, filter by state, size, or control, and even export filtered results for inclusion in your accreditation reporting. This dashboard offers a user-friendly solution, facilitating continuous improvement in physical therapy education.” – Jen Jones, Business Intelligence Architect


Enflux invites PT and PTA schools to schedule a personal consultation with their team to discover how the NPTE® Monitoring Suite can enhance program assessment and drive continuous improvement.

For media inquiries, please contact info@enflux.com. To schedule a demonstration, please contact sales@enflux.com or use this link.

About Enflux


Enflux is a comprehensive analytics and decision support system for higher education that streamlines data management and empowers effortless programmatic assessment and accreditation compliance. From managing accreditation to assessing a new curriculum, Enflux helps educators and assessment coordinators see the effect of their work in near-real time and provides an accessible view of overall program performance down to the individual student level.


With the Enflux platform, you can effortlessly consolidate and comprehend data from various sources such as assessment tools, learning management systems, surveys, and exam results to easily extract actionable insights and effectively track educational outcomes.

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