Emerging Strategies for Student Success

2-Part Series

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Please join us for our upcoming Physician Assistant two-part webinar series as we discuss emerging strategies for PA student success. On April 14, 11 AM CDT, the first webinar, Defining Student Success, will explore how programmatic assessment ensures that your PA graduate is ready to enter the workforce. The following week, we’ll discuss how to leverage data from all sources to better support student success on April 21, 11 AM CDT in our second webinar, Remediation and Student Success.

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Webinar Details

Webinar 1 - Defining Student Success

April 14, 2022 | 11:00 - 11:30 AM CT

What are the characteristics and attributes of our ideal PA graduate?

Referencing the ARC-PA standard B4 .03 regarding the summative exam process, we can look at the five components that PA programs require prior to graduation. This includes:

a. Clinical and technical skills. Can your graduates perform the appropriate clinical skills expected of the new graduate?
b. Clinical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Can your graduate demonstrate entry-level abilities involving clinical diagnosis, generating a differential diagnosis, and clinical intervention?
c. Interpersonal skills. Can your graduate communicate effectively and demonstrate empathy?
d. Medical knowledge. Does your graduate have the requisite knowledge base to pass the PANCE on the first attempt?
e. Professional behaviors. Does your graduate demonstrate professional and ethical behavior as a member of the healthcare team?

This webinar will explore how programmatic assessment ensures that your PA graduate is ready to enter the workforce.

Webinar 2 - Remediation and Student Success

April 21, 2022 | 11:00 - 11:30 AM CT

Student Success: No longer just graduating on time and passing the PANCE

It’s no longer enough to just graduate on time and pass the PANCE, an ideal PA graduate should demonstrate specific knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors

In fact, the ARC-PA standards B4.01 require frequent evaluation of student performance to identify student deficiencies and intervene in a timely manner to promote their success. This session will discuss:

a. How most programs collect and analyze student performance data
b. How to reliably centralize student performance data to timely identify student performance deficiencies
c. How to ensure a curriculum alignment process that empower students to be successful
d. How to implement timely interventions to improve student learning experience and success
e. How to measure the effectiveness of these interventions


Dr. Scott Massey

Dr. Scott Massey

Vice Chair for Research, Associate Director of the PA Studies Hybrid Program, and Associate Professor, Department of Physician Assistant Studies


Scott Massey is an associate professor in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies. Massey received his Associate in Science degree in PA in 1987, BS degree in Biology in 1989, MSED in Counseling in 1993, and a PhD in Leadership in 2004. Massey also attended the Harvard University Leadership Program in 2008.


Massey brings a long history of PA education into his position at SHRS. This includes 29 years of PA education experience including program director at four previous PA programs with the most recent being at Central Michigan University. Massey has taught a variety of courses and PA education which is described in his CV. Massey has almost 20 years of clinical experience in family medicine, emergency medicine, and international health care. He is involved with an industry sponsored study through exam master looking at predictive factors for the PA admissions exam (PA-CAT). In addition, his research has focused on the impact of graduate health science education on stress indicators. He will be involved with accreditation processes in the Department, as well as faculty research mentoring and teaching activities.

Alejandra Zertuche

Alejandra Zertuche

Chief Executive Officer | Enflux


The leading subject matter expert leading the commercialization of the company’s academic intelligence platform. Prior to Enflux, Alejandra worked in Academic Assessment at the University of the Incarnate Word, where she became a recognized leader in accreditation & assessment.

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