Enflux and Medical Schools

Enflux aggregates Medical Schools’ siloed data systems, turning them into intuitive dashboards so you have a clear view of how your school is doing, down to the student level—something you could never dream of doing with an old, manual system. Leverage our ActionPlans and Reports tools to turn your data into actionable next steps.



Dashboards consolidate all of your information into a secure, easy-to-manage location where you can manage users, create committees, and ensure institutional accountability so your school can meet accreditation standards.


Document, track, and evaluate data-driven decisions for team collaboration and accountability.
Make committee meetings more effective by communicating through ActionPlans and close the assessment loop.


Easily sort, group, and bundle multiple ActionPlans into a single document: perfect for accreditation reports, committee meeting reviews and personal to-do lists.

Compare and Track Performance

Dashboards for continuous improvement and accreditation compliance

LCME® Data Collection Instrument (DCI)

LCME® Data Collection Instrument (DCI)

Enflux LCME Monitoring Dashboards are designed to radically improve your institution’s workflow when it comes to compiling, monitoring, and evaluating the data required in the LCME Data Collection Instrument. Quickly see your team’s progress with a summary Dashboard and then get to work with individualized Dashboards that take you through all twelve Standards.


Standards and Elements can be assigned to users in multiple writing and review cycles to assist users in parsing the huge amount of data the DCI contains and setting out due dates for updating certain parts of the DCI at a time.Visually compare and track how your school is doing as it pertains to DCI standards without the need to update manual spreadsheets.

Illuminate your leadership.