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Transforming the Student Journey Through Digital Solutions



See how Enflux’s strategic partnership with CORE will allow us the most comprehensive 360° view of student performance and a powerful coupling of our assessment frameworks with CORE’s clinical framework. Together, we’ll be producing automated and actionable dashboards with the primary goal to assess and optimize learner outcomes! 

Webinar Speakers

Alejandra Zertuche, MBA, MS


Founder and CEO Enflux

Dr. Shannon Staton, PharmaD, MBA


Senior Director of Pharmacy Solutions for CORE

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The Future of Education and the Role of EdTech join Gregory Cianfarani founder and CEO of CORE Higher Education Group as he discusses the role of EdTech and how CORE supports both learners and administrators through every stage of the student journey by providing tools and solutions that support student recruiting, experiential/clinical education, student assessment, career readiness, and continuing education.

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