Navigating the evolving ACPE accreditation standards at the 2024 AACP Interim Meeting

Navigating through a deluge of spreadsheets and manual reports, pharmacy educators often find themselves grappling with the challenge of extracting valuable, actionable insights while adhering to ACPE accreditation standards. This reality is all too familiar for many within the field. That’s precisely why the Enflux team was exhilarated to participate in the 2024 AACP Interim Meeting. It offered us a prime opportunity to engage with fellow professionals and illuminate the pathways toward overcoming the hurdles that passionate educators encounter in their quest to enhance and propel pharmacy education forward.

The AACP Interim Meeting serves as an ideal platform not only to underscore the importance of data-driven decision-making in higher education but also to underscore its personal significance for us at Enflux. It’s worth noting that our journey began with a school of pharmacy—our very first believer and customer. This underscores our deep-rooted commitment to supporting the educational endeavors of pharmacy institutions and reinforces our dedication to facilitating their success through innovative solutions.

ACPE accreditation standards. A data-driven approach

At the AACP Interim Meeting, the Enflux team engaged educators on critical topics like accreditation compliance, student advising, and data-driven decision-making. We focused on the upcoming ACPE accreditation standards for pharmacy education in 2025. With these changes, the pressure to ensure ongoing compliance has increased significantly.

This heightened focus on accreditation compliance was evident during the conference and further fueled our excitement about providing support and expertise to schools of pharmacy through data analytics. The Enflux team showcased how our platform streamlines data collection, gathers evidence, and generates comprehensive discipline-related dashboard reports to simplify the accreditation process. By leveraging data-driven insights, educators can identify gaps or areas requiring attention ahead of time, enabling them to address compliance issues proactively.

Moreover, our platform facilitates student advising by allowing educators to provide early intervention for at-risk students—an additional hot topic our team addressed even before the conference began. Our CEO and Founder, Alejandra Zertuche, hosted a joint webinar with AACP days prior to the conference, discussing the importance of early intervention for at-risk students and effective student advising. She emphasized the crucial role these practices play in cultivating academic success, mental well-being, and professional development in schools of pharmacy.

Furthermore, Alejandra highlighted that timely intervention is critical for improving student retention rates by promptly addressing issues and fostering a proactive learning environment. Through our data-driven approach, we aim to empower educators to navigate the complexities of accreditation compliance while enhancing student advising practices, ultimately fostering a thriving educational environment within schools of pharmacy.

Enhancing continuous quality improvement (CQI) in your pharmacy program

Discussions on continuous quality improvement (CQI) took center stage at the event. Our booth attendees raised thought-provoking questions, especially regarding how Enflux enhances CQI of curricula and program performance.

One standout feature is its innovative approach to assessing and measuring learning outcomes through automated category tagging with the help of CompetencyGenie™, the AI-powered tool for effortless exam item classification to cognitive levels and competencies.

Enflux offers educators automation and real-time insights, providing a comprehensive overview of program performance. This enables educators to pinpoint both strengths and weaknesses effectively. By tracking student performance across diverse assessments, identifying knowledge gaps, and analyzing trends, educators can make informed decisions about curriculum adjustments and enhance student advising.

With Enflux’s user-friendly data analytics dashboards, complex and siloed data is presented in an easily understandable visual format, promoting a data-driven educational approach. This empowers educators with the necessary tools and guidance to ensure students receive the most effective and timely advising, ultimately enhancing their academic success.

A data-driven approach to strategic planning in pharmacy education

During the conference, amidst personalized recommendations and suggestions, our team engaged stakeholders on establishing a school’s Strategic Plan. Enflux offers valuable assistance in this endeavor. Crafting a strategic plan for schools of pharmacy necessitates collaboration, yet traditional methods can be cumbersome. The Enflux platform streamlines the process by providing Strategic Plan and Action Plan management systems, serving as a hub for program improvement items and action plan tasks, thereby fostering a faculty-level collaborative environment.

Stakeholders gain access to real-time data on program performance, ensuring transparency and a shared understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. This data serves as the foundation for collaborative goal-setting, enabling everyone to contribute to creating a roadmap and ActionPlan® for improvement. Enflux further simplifies communication with key stakeholders by providing clear and concise summaries of the strategic plan, complete with data visualizations that illustrate the rationale behind each objective.

This collaborative and data-driven approach ensures alignment among stakeholders, facilitating progress towards shared goals that ultimately enhance student learning and bolster accreditation compliance.

Documentation and evidence is essential. Our customers confirm!

At the 2024 AACP Interim Meeting, our team had the pleasure of connecting with valued customers like Sharon Park, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs at Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Pharmacy. Their insights and experiences, generously shared with fellow educators, fostered a collaborative and enriching environment. This open exchange highlighted the importance of data-informed decisions in advancing pharmacy education.

Our participation at the 2024 AACP Interim Meeting underscored Enflux’s commitment to the continuous improvement of pharmacy education. Through collaboration and innovation, we aim to shape the future of the discipline. As we continue to provide educators with tools and guidance, Enflux remains dedicated to supporting their efforts in navigating the evolving landscape of health professions education. Join us as we continue the journey of collaboration and innovation in advancing pharmacy education!

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