Strategic Plan

Between semesters is a great time to revisit the strategic plan and ask: Is my strategic plan still relevant? How are we making and tracking progress against the plan? Does our plan reflect the rapid changes occurring in higher ed?

Top Areas to Assess and Evaluate



Accreditation is intended to be continuous quality improvement. However, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, accreditation can feel like a treasure hunt, with administrators scrambling to uncover needed documentation. The best practice for worry-free accreditation is to automatically document and organize your work on the fly. Click here to read how a pharmacy school saved time and improved communication.


Students at Risk

Proactive student remediation is a top priority and concern for educators. Knowing, in real-time, which students are at risk (or close to it), taking timely action, documenting, and learning are critical. What are your best practices? Check out this case study about an Academic Affairs department that drastically cut down on time spent identifying students at risk.


Curriculum Map

Is your curriculum map being used effectively? A problem many programs face is that their curriculum maps are frequently created and housed in spreadsheets, then sit in a static state. Learn how to transform your curriculum map into an ongoing, real-time, status indicator for your curriculum. Here’s an example of how one program was able to find and eliminate gaps in their curriculum map.


Minimize Faculty Burden w/ Administrative Tasks

It is no secret that Health Science educators are being asked to do more. Slashed budgets and understaffing have many educators feeling overwhelmed. What tasks and processes can be automated to alleviate some of this burden? What can be done to immediately free up time and energy for your faculty?


Budget Planning

A new semester can often mean the roll-out of new products and services. This should also be a time to re-evaluate current products and potential needs. Do you still need all of the systems you’re paying for? Take a look at our budgeting best practices and start planning for the next cycle now.


Self Reflection

Self-care is as important as ever in today’s academic environment. Educators spend so much of their time helping others that it is easy to overlook their own physical and mental well-being, which can lead to burnout. Here are some quick ideas on how to be more mindful.

Be a hero. Leverage your data.